Action plan for an individual business / small company / personal vision or non-profit / charity project / local politician.

Like many other people, maybe you have a great vision for your business/project, too. But at the same time you know that you need help to bring it to reality. Maybe you don´t have time and maybe you don´t know how. We will help you to find out what steps need to be taken to make this vision happen. You will get complex view of your project with considering wide range of factors that come in place. We will help you to find out very particulars tasks that make you proceed. If taking them, you will see progress towards your goals. We won´t do the job instead of you. You will do it. But we will give you hand with knowing what to do.


An online/on site consulting session of 1-3 hours. We will ask many questions and take notes to understand your vision and problems the best possible. This interview will be a precise analysis.

Then give us some time to sumarize all the information and make suggestions of steps and solutions. This will be kind of a concept of your action plan. Then we will come back to you and discuss it.

After making required adjustments we will create the final document for you.

It will include:

Your vision expressed, formulated, defined … You can use it later in your project development, for marketing purposes, in HR area,  reflexions, …

Summary of work that needs to be done split in sections, seasons

(this may include personal matters, legal, financial, managment, … – depends on project type)

Summary of risks and problems that might influence your progress

List of tasks to do

Basic schedule (weekly and monthly – depends on project type), timing of steps



  • You can proceed, develop your ideas, vision, change thinking about into action
  • You will know what to do next, which allows you to do the particular tasks or hire people to make the work for you
  • You will have complex view of your project, considering many factors (presonal, financial, managing, HR, marketing, risks, …)
  • This will be measurable. At any time you will see whether you have moved forward or not, at any time you can make revision of what was a good decision and what wasn´t, what is still missing, how far have you gone
  • It will support your self-discipline
  • Finally – you will have chance to enjoy your vision becoming reality, seeing your life/business/project/company changing and proceeding forward.



  • We don´t evaluate your project or vision, whether it´s good or not. You must do so. We help you to make it happen.
  • We don´t promise success or financial profit. We support you to make success and profit possible. We promise to suggest steps that will help you to make the vision  happen.
  • We don´t support illegal activities or activities aimed to cause some harm to other people.