We help your visions to become reality! We provide support for individual and small business development, personal growth, non-profit and charity projects. We are here for:

– your business and start up: helping you to express your ideas, define your goals, make action plans, to assist you in setting of corporate values and corporate culture, creating your corporate image, making research, … .

– individuals who desire for change in their career, lifestyle, creativity,  …

– non-profit and third sector organisation, local politicians – they find our support useful in defining visions, setting goals, organizing, planning and launching their new projects or revising the old ones.

Our goal is to help you to fly for your visions and make them happen! We do our best to offer great and complex business support and development services at one place.

Thanks to our small  internal network of skillful and experienced cooperating specialists we are able to provide complexity of services and still keeping them professional and confidential. We join together services of consulting, planning, project and event management and some of PR and marketing services at one place.

We have our own stories of failures and succes. Over the last 16 years we have worked for various companies in comercial as well as non-profit area. We were responsible for many new projects, serving to several thousands of people. We also have experience in running our own small businesses. We can guarantee you our empathy, drive support, understanding of passion for vision as well as feeling of failure and unchangeable circumstances.

Yes, we wil support you in your being sure that you can achieve, you can grow, you can change, start and keep going! We have experienced it so many times! And our passion is to share our know-how with you!